The reduction of negative externalities and the active preservation of the environment have always been important issues for our company. 

As LANXESS sees it, conserving natural resources – for example, through the most efficient possible use of raw materials and energy – and identifying further potential for reducing emissions and waste, is an ongoing mission. The continuous improvement of environmental performance is a key corporate goal. A differential for our corporation is that we are always looking for permanent measures that cause a lasting impact – following our vision of sustainability.

And beyond the permanent improvement of our own environmental footprint, we are also committed to communicating the idea of environmental protection to the communities around our sites.

Support from our stakeholders

One important aspect for LANXESS is that our employees, partners, clients, neighbors and all other stakeholders understand and support our actions in the field of environmental protection. Our own research shows that the vast majority of our clients and also the general public believe that its environmental protection is an important subject for our corporation to be actively engaged in.

Also, results from our internal research indicate that ecology is a specific strength of our company. Our objective is to use this strength together with the people that are related to us for joint and sustained optimization in the area of environmental protection.