e3 Initiative

The initiative

With our e3 initiative we reaffirm our commitment to Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability in Brazil – to participate even more actively in actions that safeguard a sustainable future for the company, our communities, the society and the environment.

We have chosen education and environmental protection as the areas where we expect our engagement to have the biggest impact. These are the areas where we combine our unique strengths as a company with the needs and expectations of our stakeholders.

From this combination emerges "e3" – bringing together education, ecology and our chemical business in one, single formula. 

The new formula of LANXESS Brazil for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability.

In-depth analysis as a basis 

We have concluded a systematic process of internal and external analysis to identify:

1. Where are our strengths as a company in terms of Corporate Responsibility? Where can we contribute with our specific organizational spirit and knowledge?

2. What are the needs of our stakeholders, our communities and Brazilian society in terms of Corporate Responsibility? What are the most urgent fields where our company can contribute best? What do our clients think? 

3. How can we best link our specific expertise to the needs of society and mutually benefit from it, growing together, as people, as a company, as a community, as a society?

The results are clear: environmental protection and education are the areas where LANXESS’ expertise meets urgent public requirements. These are areas that define the future of our society as well showing the way forward for our own corporation.

Furthermore, as our Co-Generation project shows, a key element of our responsibility as a corporation is also to make our business more sustainable. This is why we added “economy” as third element to our formula.